IB Econ: Externalities Projects

UPDATE: Your mega-multiperiod group needs to complete a few tasks:

  1. Describe your solution, and the cost benefit analysis you did to arrive at this solution. Be honest about uncertainties. It may make sense to also discuss “other” solutions.
  2. Evaluate the possible impacts your solution would have at a macroeconomic level on each of the macroeconomic objectives.
  3. Produce two posters that address 1 and 2 in a way that would effectively communicate your ideas to a student audience. You may assume the students have some interest and some knowledge of basic economics.


The following google documents are for collaboration.

When you join the document, indicate what area you are taking responsibility for, and make a note of anyone in another period who is working on the same area.

When you post a link, provide an annotation that says why you thought the link valuable.



Car Pollution:


Clothing Industry:






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