WH9: China Narrative Portfolio due Wednesday Dec. 12

Due Wednesday!

You are now going to assemble your portfolio for submission. You have a few decisions and revisions to make first:

What format will you choose?

What can you do to improve your paragraphs?

The Portfolio:

Introduction: The First Emperor and the establishment of China

The Empire: Find 4-5 items that show Chinese achievement during the imperial period. Try to get all your images on one page, but if you need two pages that’s fine. Minimal text.

The Century of ___________________ (You come up with or choose a label.) Put this title at the top of the “Opium Wars” paragraph page

Paragraphs: Each should be on its own page, double spaced. You do not need to include the prompt/question.

Opium Wars/British, Taiping Rebellion, Meiji Restoration in Japan*- lessons learned OR taught, Boxer Rebellion,

*You did not write a paragraph yet for Meiji Restoration, but you should be able to create on from your notes. Chose either “What lessons could China have learned from Japan?” or “What lessons could Japan have learned from China?”

Fall of the Empire (You choose the format, with rationale.)

Does your concept map for the fall of the Qing Dynasty help a viewer understand why the empire fell? Is there a better way to show this? You do NOT have to use the concept map for the portfolio, you can explain the fall however you like. You may choose to reduce detail to highlight very important factors. You may increase the level of detail to be more complete. Whatever you choose to do will have a rationale. You should explain your rationale in a small text box labelled “RATIONALE” on the back of your explanation of the fall of the Qing.

Appendix: China since 1911

You will be graded on clarity of communication and the accuracy and appropriateness of the factual content. (Communication and Knowledge targets.)

We will work in class on Monday, so bring everything you need to get your portfolio print ready by the end of class Monday.

Due Wednesday Dec. 12


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