WH9: China Narratives

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Bring a paragraph to class on Tuesday, google doc or hand written are both fine. You will be revising and extending this work, so an imperfect draft is okay, but the better the draft the easier the next step will be.

How did British actions lead to China’s decline in the late 1800’s? (For this first step, I know you don’t have a lot of knowledge of what comes after, but think about the prompt we wrote to in class:

How would the US public react to the loss of Hawaii to a foreign power?

Focus on cause and effect. Start with a flow chart or bullet points, then try writing in paragraph form.

Your paragraph will be part of your end of unit packet.

1=Not related to what actually happened.

2= Some events, some causes or effects correct. Ineffective explanation of relationship between causes and effects.

3= Events basically correct, some errors. Causes and effects are connected functionally.

4= Events correct with reasonable detail, cause and effect effectively explained

Here is a video that covers the opium wars:

This Newsela article may help as well:


Monday Nov 19: Heavenly Peace and Boxers

Taiping Rebellion

In class we will review the Taiping Rebellion.

Here is a source text for the Taiping Rebellion:  https://www.history.com/topics/china/taiping-rebellion

Answer as a paragraph for your China portfolio:

What lessons would the Chinese state learn from the experience of the Taiping Rebellion?


Boxer Rebellion

Read the following story on Newsela and try to answer the quiz questions. When you feel like you grasp the story pretty well, respond to the following prompt in paragraph form. This paragraph should be part of your China Unit portfolio. (Class code: X3KMZ2 )


What were the causes of the Boxer Rebellion?

Watch the following video and make a “concept web” connecting the Opium Wars, Taiping Rebellion, Warlordism, The Boxer Rebellion and the fall of the Qing. Remember to label causes on the connections!


For Monday, address these questions in your notes:

What could China have learned from Japan? What could Japan have learned from China?

Use this Crash Course video for ideas:  https://youtu.be/Nosq94oCl_M

The Appendix:

Show a limited chronology (timeline? cartoon? mural?) of the History of China since the fall of the Empire. Choose 10 or so important events. Your chronology will be more effective if there is a bit of information beyond the name of the event.

Now you have a series of paragraphs that include many key events in the story of China from the mid-1800’s until the fall of the Empire. Your task is to turn these pieces into an effective story of the China’s challenges entering modernity and the 20th Century. Revise your paragraphs, and think imaginatively about how you can connect the pieces of the story together. The complete work will be due Monday.

You will be graded on clarity of communication and the accuracy and appropriateness of the factual content. (Communication and Knowledge targets.)


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