WH9: First Emperor Questions

Create 3 questions for “First Emperor of China”

  • Level 1 or 2 questions (See notes from class.)
  • Multiple Choice or one-word answers
  • Challenging enough that a correct answer is evidence of knowledge
  • Not so hard that an attentive student with good notes will get it wrong

Bring your 3 questions to class on Friday, neatly written on lined paper with a complete paper heading.

You will be scored on the communication target.

I will use your questions to create a test on the First Emperor, so make them good! If I can’t use student generated questions I will write my own. You will be able to see the student generated questions before the test, but any I create will not be seen until the test.

The test will be on Tuesday before the honors presentation.

If you need a review of leveled questions you can refer to this: http://bluecerealeducation.com/level-1-level-2-and-level-3-questions

Link for Google Doc to post your group’s questions:



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