WH9: Lessons plan for 10/10

Origins Project Stage 1

(Document “Pan Gu and Nu Wa” is on the projector cart. The sub will pass them out to you.)


  1. Number the 7 paragraphs of the document. Do not include the description of the document. Stop when you get to “Genesis.”
  2. Read (1 time, straight through) the description of the document, then the document itself.
  3. Re-read the document, answering a question for each paragraph. Write your responses on a piece of paper that you will hand in before you leave class today. Make sure to put a proper heading on the paper. (Name Date Period)
  4. Write a response to question A in the form of a paragraph.
  5. When almost everyone is done, your teacher will count you off into groups of 4. As a group, discuss and write on your response sheet the answer you come to for question B.

As a group, you will make a comparison between the creation/origin stories that you found for homework and the story of Pan Gu and Nu Wa. Show similarities and differences. (This will require that you discuss the similarities and differences as a group, and then decide as a group how to show them. There is no required format, so you must come up with a way to show this as a group.)

Think about: What is more interesting, similarities or differences? What are the BIG questions? Are there any similarities between more than two of your stories? How can you show this effectively on a single piece of paper?

You will turn in your individual response document (the answers to the questions) and your group document with everyone’s names on it before you leave class.


  1. What scientific explanations in paragraph 1 match up with, or remind you of, scientific ideas?
  2. How can Pan Gu’s actions be viewed as a sacrifice?
  3. For paragraph 3, why do you think a particular part of Pan Gu became a particular part of the Earth?
  4. Anthropomorphize: To describe something non-human as having human characteristics.

In paragraph 4, how is Nu Wa anthropomorphized?

  1. How does paragraph 5 explain the structure of society that we have read about in the text section on Chinese society? Would it also explain our social structure?
  2. How is reproduction explained in paragraph 6?
  3. What mystery of life do YOU think is explained by the events described in paragraph 7?


  1. In this story how were humans created? Why do you think they were created, at least in terms of this story?
  2. What big questions are left unanswered by this creation story? Are they answered in any of the other creation stories your group found?

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