WH9: Planet Money Makes a T Shirt Assessment

Paragraph due next Tuesday, Vocabulary quiz on Thursday.

Choose one of the three topics below. In paragraph form explain something you learned about global production:

Why cotton is grown in the US.

Why thread is made in Indonesia.

Why garments are made in Bangladesh.

Start with a topic sentence.

Use concrete details from your notes and the videos.

Explain what the concrete details mean, and how they support your conclusion, with your commentary.

End with a conclusion. What kind makes sense for what you wrote?

You will be scored on the communication and knowledge targets.

We will begin in class, you finish your paragraph at home, then we will have an opportunity for peer review Friday in class. Once you have completed your peer review you will turn in a hard copy to Mr. McLain on Tuesday.

Peer review is essential for success on this assessment. If you need help completing your paragraph, see me in AT.


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