WH9: 4 Map Stories

In your group you will discuss and then choose four stories to tell with maps.

1. An item (a “good”)

2. A person

3. An idea

4. An event

In choosing the example from each category, look for the example that tells an interesting story or that has special significance. These are subjective judgements that you should discuss as a group.

The map you choose for each example should be the result of critical thinking and discussion within the group. At the end of each work session, make note of strengths  and weaknesses in your group dynamics. Pay attention to the factors we looked at in class. (safety and openness, engagement, clear communication, patience)

Each map should be accompanied by an appropriate explanation of how the map works and the story it tells. Your explanation should highlight at least two of the FIVE THEMES OF GEOGRAPHY.

Deliverable Product: Your group will attach four A4 sized pieces of paper to a poster sized sticky note. Each member will be responsible for one map and explanation.

You must have your name, date and period on your A4 sheet.

You will be scored on knowledge for the themes of geography and communication for the quality of your map work and the clarity of your explanation.


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