WH9: Final Project

The Final Project: State Department Briefing


Rationale: This project will serve as the culmination of our year together, we will take the history that we’ve learned and apply it to today’s world. It will also help to expose you to current events occurring in a variety of locations.

Task: Create a situation briefing (written or filmed) informing a member of the US State Department of a major problem or development occurring within a country from one of our areas of focus. You will be completing a number of smaller tasks each day as we work towards the final product in order to learn more about your country and which issues are most important.

You will also be writing an essay about how the “6 Apps” are being used, or not, in your country.


Spain * Turkey * Syria * Iran * China * Libya * Nigeria * Venezuela * Mexico* Egypt* Ukraine*

Important Submission Dates:

  • Friday, May 25th – DUE: Notebook Step 1 (General Info)
  • Tuesday, May 29th – DUE: Notebook Step 2  (History and 6 Apps Assessment)
  • Friday, June 1st – DUE: Notebook Step 3 (Current Events)
  • Thursday, June 7th – DUE: Notebook Step 4 (Single Event & Solution)
  • Final Project due date TBA, but plan for June 11

Learning Targets


  • Knowing & Understanding
  • Communicating
  • Evaluative Thinking


Your goal in this project should be to address information, sources and thinking that are beyond what you consider “your level.” Making sense of this material is the work.

You will be part of a team, but you will be graded individually.

NOTEBOOK CHECK 1- General Info

Task:  Learn the basics of your country as it exists today.



  • Assign roles to your team


  • Mapmaker
  • Economist
  • Sociologist/Anthropologist
  • Political Scientist


  • Check out the requirements for your role
  • Begin researching your country
  • Begin compiling your information & materials
  • Consult the Step 1 Checklist



    • Mapmaker (3 maps total)


  • Political Map-


      • What are the bordering Countries?
      • What is the capital city?
      • How many large cities are there?
    • Physical Map- (Be sure to create a key)
      • Is there land that has access to the coast?
      • Are there major rivers that can be used for trade between cities and countries?
      • Does this country share a river with another country?
      • Are there any mountainous regions that divide the country or create a natural border between this country and another?
      • Major landforms/features?
    • ***Resource Map (or Economic Activity Map)- Create a legend and add to your map
      • What are the major products/economic activity of the country?
      • Where are these located?
      • What symbols can you use to represent them?
  • Economist
    • Overview of Economy
    • ***What was their economic policy in the 20th Century?
    • Info Tables Showing:
      • GDP/GNI/GNP of your country
      • Median household income
      • Poverty Rate
      • Principle exports/imports
      • Biggest industry
  • Sociologist/Anthropologist
    • Overview of Country
    • Info Tables Showing:
      • Happiness Index Results
      • Human Development Index results
      • Religion
      • Education
      • Language Spoken
      • ***Social Problem and efforts to solve it


  • Political Scientist
    • General Country Overview
    • Info Tables Showing:
      • Population & Migration
      • Government Style
      • Corruption Index Ranking
      • ***Conflicts?
    • Allies and Rivals



THURSDAY JUNE 7: Single Event/Issue and solution.

Today you will be meeting with your group to decide what issue is most important to brief the State Department about. Think about what you have learned about your country. What current issues does one need to understand in order to understand the country?

How will each member use their specialized knowledge to aide our understanding?

Also, start thinking about how you will communicate this in your presentation.


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