AT: Chromebook extended checkout

Link to the form:


Dear Sunset Parent/Guardian,


The 1:1 Chromebook program has been very successful at Sunset High School, and we want Grades 9-11 families to know about a new option for the 2018 summer: All students who will be returning to Sunset next school year will be able to keep their Chromebooks over the summer, if they choose. The extended checkout decision was made to ensure students will have access to their Chromebooks through the very end of this school year, including finals, and to provide adequate summer access.


Directions for OPT-IN extended checkout:

  1. Fill out this online form – OR – turn in the paper form to the Media Center by June 7th.
  2. Review the Responsible Use Handbook
  3. Students should stop by the Media Center to RENEW their device for the extended checkout.


Students who do not wish to keep their Chromebooks over the summer will be responsible for returning them, along with the power adapters, to the Sunset Media Center during regular library hours (school days 7:00-4:00) beginning June 7th. Payments of $20 for lost power adapters can be made to the Business Office (show receipt to Library staff to clear your record). All remaining Chromebooks will be collected during Advisory on June 12th. Students should first check with all their teachers to understand technology needs for finals.


A few notes about this extended Chromebook checkout:

    1. This extended summer Chromebook checkout is covered under the previous school year’s insurance (the 2017-2018 school year), and the damage and loss protection policy as detailed in the Responsible Use of Technology Chromebook Handbook still applies.
      1. Students are expected to learn and comply with all BSD regulations and policies concerning the responsible use of technology.
      2. Do not expose your Chromebook to extreme temperature or direct sunlight for extended periods of time – do not leave your Chromebook in a car in the sun!
      3. Store your Chromebook in a secure location when not in use.
      4. Use extra caution if transporting the Chromebook to keep it safe and to make sure it returns with you. Remember that loss due to neglect is not covered by the damage and loss protection policy.
      5. Remember, too, that loss of the charger is NOT covered by the damage/loss policy. Replacement will require a $20 payment to the Business Office.


  • There will be no formal Chromebook technical support during the summer.  Any necessary hardware repairs will need to wait until Preview Days in August.


  1. If circumstances change and your family relocates to another school, the Chromebook and its power adapter will need to be returned to the Sunset main office between the hours of 8am and 2pm Monday through Thursday, or by appointment.



Contact Colette Cassinelli, Library and Instructional Technology Teacher

This form is for Sunset High School Grades 9-11 students choosing to OPT-IN for the 2018 Summer Extended Chromebook Checkout Program

-or- use online form:


Name of the student:
Grade: Student ID: School: Sunset High School


This student needs to keep his/her Chromebook during the summer of 2018 for the following reason(s): Check all that apply.

  • Participating in Summer School
  • Needs to use Chromebook through the end of Final’s Week
  • Needs to work on assigned summer homework
  • Needs to work on scholarships or college applications
  • No access to another home computer during the summer
  • Multiple students in the household share a single computer


I agree to the terms of the participation including my responsibility for being safe online and any damage or loss not covered by the program.


Parent/Guardian Printed Name: ____________________________________________


Parent/ Guardian Signature: ___________________________________ Date: ______


Parent/ Guardian email: __________________________________________________


Student Signature: ___________________________________________ Date: ______


Please return this form (or use online form) to the Media Center by June 7, 2018



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