WH10: Nationalism, Imperialism and Africa

We will be working on our “Adapting to Change” paper as we begin our Nationalism, Imperialism and Africa unit. We will begin these readings in class.

How was Nationalism related to the Industrial Revolution? What was new about the idea?

Crash Course Unit 5

How do you think this telling of the story is different because it is told from an African perspective? What might a European (or Oregonian) leave out?

Coming of the Pink Cheeks

Your presentation should cover an industry in a country in Africa. An important part of the project is making good judgements about what to cover in your presentation. As we discussed in class, you need to decide what the most interesting aspects are for your peers. Do you want to discuss innovations in the Nigerian shipbuilding industry? Challenges retaining skilled professionals in the ________ industry in ________? Or maybe how new technology is allowing film industries to spring up in countries like Uganda. Perhaps working conditions for miners in South Africa? There isn’t really a right or wrong topic, just try to make it relevant, interesting and informative.

The more you can tie it into things we’ve studied this year the better.


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