WH9: The 6 App Essay

What does the “Great Divergence” look like in China?


In addition to your group project on your selected country you will also be writing an essay. Your essay will explore how one of the 6 “Apps” that Niall Ferguson identifies has affected your country.

You may write about how the adoption of one of the apps has shaped the country, or you may write about how this country has struggled to adopt this app.

Start by reviewing the apps, looking for patterns that you have seen in your research on your country:


We will move through the steps of writing this essay together. If you think you are falling behind, see me immediately. Keeping pace with the class will make this MUCH easier.

This page will be updated with due dates as we move through the project.

Essay topic: How has one of the “killer apps” been either a strength or a challenge for the nation you are investigating?

For Friday: Bring in your concrete details for your three supporting points. We will be writing the commentary in class and I will be doing notebook checks for your country.

Drafts due Thursday for peer editing. Final Draft due Monday.


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