Lesson Plans For 5/22/2018

I am out today, so here are your jobs for the day, note that I have bolded the actions:

ALL CLASSES: In all of my classes we have been examining how people adapt to change. What would you find challenging about working in a new place every day? How would you handle it? Take 5 minutes at the beginning of class to write down a few thoughts. I will ask for them on Thursday. (Needless to say, be very respectful of our substitute teacher. You should ask them for their thoughts on the topic.) What jobs can you think of that involve moving from one workplace to another very frequently? (There are more than you think, and they are quite varied!)

2nd Period– IB Economics: When I see you on Thursday I expect your group to be able to identify the areas of focus for your report. Do not choose these casually, as it will reduce the value of your entire presentation(catastrophically). What are the most significant influences on the development of your country? What does one need to know to understand the challenges and opportunities facing your country? What are the unique circumstances?

Once you identify these areas of focus: this is usually the point at which I no longer have to goad anyone into action, because groups generally realize how far they are from coherently explaining and evaluating possible outcomes for their country. Slick and glib will not work for this.

6th Period: Read Section 4 of the Industrial Revolution chapter that I gave you as an electronic document:


Answer the 1-7 in written hard copy for next class. We will review for the test on the Industrial Revolution on Thursday. We will also go over the final project, which will relate directly to reforms people took in reaction to the Industrial Revolution.

If you finish the questions, start reviewing the previous sections for the test. Test will be mostly multiple choice/matching, some short answer.

8th Period: AT/homeroom/study hall:

  1. Watch videos about personal money management. See Canvas. If the substitute does not have access to the videos, plug in one of your Chromes.
  2.  Count the days until the end of the year. How many times do your odd and even classes meet?  If you have any outstanding assignments, this is the time to beg for mercy and hope for credit. It is also a very busy time in a lot of your classes. Many classes have their “BIG PROJECTS” starting now. (Myself very much included!) DO NOT try to last-minute all of these projects. The standards tend to be high, and they all stack up. Each of these factors magnifies the other.  Get going on them ASAP. (Also, you often have choice in these projects. Try to choose based on interest rather than what you think is “easy.” Works out better in every way, most of the time.)



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