WH9: The Fall of Tenochtitlan

Group project: The Story of the Fall of Mexico

Each group member will tell a part of the story. You decide how to tell it visually, and what words are needed to explain the visual communication.

Each member is limited to one A4 size page.

  1. Cortes: How did he come to lead a force against the Aztec empire? (Birth to Veracruz) (If your group has less than 5 members, leave this part out!)
  2. Veracruz to Tenochtitlan
  3. The first meeting to Noche Triste
  4. Noche Triste to final victory
  5. Social and economic organization after Spanish conquest of Mexico

You will be scored on KNOWLEDGE and COMMUNICATION

Knowledge: accurate information, carefully chosen to tell the story in a way that makes sense.

Communication: Did your group coordinate efforts effectively? Did you show care and good judgement in telling your story?


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