WH9: April 6 lesson- Reconquista

Due Tuesday!

(Honors students see note at the bottom!)

We are going to use some of the same sources that you used for your analytical paragraphs for this assignment.

You will turn in a three part document that consists of:  1) Venn diagram  2) annotated timeline 3)  three thoughtful questions about the Reconquista.


What do the three faiths of Spain have in common, and where do they differ?

Display your findings in a Venn diagram.





Use this source to create an annotated timeline: Try to limit yourself to 5-8 events, and give a sentence or so of description of the significance.


This may be useful as well:



Read the text and create questions: What are the big ideas, and how can you ask thoughtful questions about them? Try to make them level 2 questions that ask us to infer an answer, rather than to just find a fact in the text. Your questions should cover at least two, preferably three sections of the text: Background, Warfare Between Christians and Muslims, Spanish Inquisition, and Catholicism.

Compose your three questions based on this text:



Honors: Meet as a group in the last 20 minutes of class to strategize how you will tell the story of what is happening with the Kurdish people. I have reserved from 10-20 minutes for your group on Tuesday April April 17. Some questions to consider:

-How do you want to present this? Slides, video, something else?

-How do you want to balance your effort between historical background and current events? What do your peers need to know for your story to make sense?

– Some of this is pretty confusing. How can you guide your peers through this complex content?

-What is better to show, rather than tell, and vise-versa?

-How can you make this interesting?

I will want to meet with you on Tuesday April 10 to go over your plan and content, so when you meet be clear with each other about what you are going to bring to that meeting, and be frank and realistic with each other about when you are going to get your part done. This is a huge topic, the history of a people, so I want you to limit your time spent on this project to about an hour or two total. It is really okay if you have questions when you meet with me. Spend a few minutes before you meet familiarizing yourself with the topic.

Also, get in the practice of saving source citation information for any research you do, including this project. I will want to discuss sources with you, since this is can be a contentious topic.

Something to think about: Why are we doing this in the unit on Spain?


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