WH9: Al Andalus

In class prompt:

In a paragraph, describe how unity can be a strength.

You will be writing an analytical paragraph about Al Andalus using this question to direct your writing:

How did tolerance make Al Andalus powerful or prosperous?

When the Moors Ruled Europe video:

In your group, investigate your source and tell your classmates how to find the value for our assignment.






Honors: http://www.islamicspain.tv/sitemap.htm

Peer editing sheet:


Author Name _________________________________________________ Date _____ Per. __

Editor Name __________________________________________________

How did tolerance make Al Andalus powerful or prosperous?

Write the topic sentence the includes the basic answer to the prompt:



List Concrete details used to support the answer to the prompt:

1   Rate

2    Rate

3     Rate

Rate the commentary attached to each concrete detail. How well does the

commentary connect the concrete detail to the prompt as support.(1=minimal

connection 5=complete and well reasoned explanation of how the CD supports the topic sentence’s answer to the prompt.)

Does the closing sentence sum up the idea effectively?

General feedback and suggestions:


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