WH9: Current Event Connections for Song government

Your current event connection is due on Tuesday. We will also take a short quiz on the section of the text that covers the economy. (Stop reading when you get to “Society in Traditional China” on p. 279.)

Find an article related to any of these topics. Write a brief summary of the article. Then write a paragraph that addresses this prompt:

How does the current event show a connection between past and present?

China/Tibet relationship


China’s military build-up

Communist Party Congress

Standardized Testing in China

Chinese educational system

Princelings (children of powerful party leaders)

Corruption, and anti-corruption efforts

Social control and censorship

What do Chinese people think about their government, or their nation? What are the challenges of trying to find out?

Honors: How has China’s guiding ideology changed since Mao, while still being referred to as “Socialism with Chinese characteristics?”


2 thoughts on “WH9: Current Event Connections for Song government”

  1. If I am using an article to derive information of the topic’s relevance in ancient China, then do I have to summarize that article as well or only the current event one

    1. Just summarize the current event article. If you use another source, just mention in your paragraph what your source is. If you want, you can cite the source in MLA style, but that is not required. In general, sources are not a requirement of this assignment.

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