1491 The Atlantic


Address these questions in your notes:

What was the pre-existing belief about the New World that was taught in school?

How did this concept of pre-Columbian America become the dominant view?

How is new observation and information changing this older view?

How do views on pre-Columbian America influence environmental views?

How did disease make colonization easier?

What evidence made Dobyns question the consensus on pre_Columbian population?

What diseases caused large scale loss of life in the Americas?

How much of the new world population died in the first 130 years after contact?

How does De Soto’s account question later “low population” impressions of North America?

Biologically, why were the diseases so lethal to Native Americans?

How did New World agriculture change the Old World?

How did NW crops enable and provide a motive for the slave trade?

Why is the issue of whether or not terra preta was prevalent in the pre-Columbian Amazon related to current political issues?

How did the loss of human life affect animal populations?


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