Policy Analysis

Analyze one article over break. Your response should be electronic, in the form of a google doc that you will share with your group in class. Your response does not need to be in paragraph form, since you will be combining ideas with your group. Think of the prompt as a focus for note-taking, but take slightly expanded (and detailed) notes. Since you are analyzing a document, pulling out quotes will be relevant and helpful.

1. What micro concepts are relevant to tax policy, and economic policy in general? Identify the use of microeconomic concepts in this article:


2. What Macro ideas does the Senator use to critique the bill? What key assumptions does his critique rely on?


3. How does this author challenge the viability of Keynesian economic policy?


This is not assigned, but it might be fun to see how the bill relates to your family. This calculator is much simpler than the actual tax code, but it takes into account the most common and significant determinants of tax liability: https://www.nytimes.com/interactive/2017/12/17/upshot/tax-calculator.html


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