WH9: China: Family and painting

In class: In what way does the Confucian ideal of the family help bring stability? Are there costs associated with this ideal?

Sizer, Confucius and the Chinese Family plus docs


Highway 9Songlandscape.jpg

For Monday: How can one “read” a Chinese painting? How were the works of scholar amateurs and professional painters different? Find an example of each style, and in a paragraph explain how each exemplifies its type. (You may also make your own example, if you like to draw or paint. Just make sure to explain how your work is an example of each style.)

This will be scored on research and communication.


Song Dynasty painting:


For Wednesday: Find a technological innovation of the Song Dynasty. Describe what was innovative about it (you may need to describe what preceded it) and how it impacted life in Song China. Your product should be one image and one paragraph.

A valuable source on Song China:


This will be scored on Knowledge and Research.


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