Final Review


  • direct vs. indirect imperialism
  • British vs. French styles of imperialism in Africa
  • the significance of controlling Egypt
  • sphere of influence
  • protectorate
  • economic imperialism
  • colony
  • missionary spirit
  • paternalism
  • social darwinism
  • sense of adventure and exploration
  • nationalism
  • causes of imperialism
  • effects of the slave trade
  • Berlin Conference
  • Africa before the 1880s: trade, political structure, borders
  • Africa after the 1880s: trade, political structure, borders
  • Europeans in Africa: motivations, activities, limitations on early exploration
  • natural resources in Africa: rubber, ivory, gold, diamonds, etc.
  • What was unique about the Congo colony?
  • How were workers in Congo motivated/disciplined?
  • What resources are now being taken from Congo?
  • What is the resource trap?
  • history of the Congo
  • technologies and discoveries that helped imperialism to flourish
  • the legacy of imperialism in Africa
  • Ottoman geography: Identify areas that were in the Ottoman Empire
  • Problems of the Ottoman Empire
  • Geopolitical importance of Ottoman break-up, Suez Canal
  • Why did the US take the Philippines and a base in Cuba
  • Russian motives in Crimea
  • Africa map: Congo, Rwanda, Burundi, South Africa, Egypt,  Sudan, Ethiopia, Somalia, Kenya, Tanzania, Algeria, Tunisia, Libya
  • Ottoman Map: Crimea, Syria, Egypt, Jordan, Israel, Libya, Tunisia, Iraq, Greece

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